Monday, August 3, 2009

Back From Gone - Sunny In Sunwell

Good things are never meant to last, and neither was this. Unfortunately for me, my vacation is over and I'm back home. Ontario has been very nice to us (the weather a bit less so, but still very enjoyable) and me and my family can look back on a very successful getaway. Visiting Toronto and Ottawa, White water rafting, camping in Algonquin National Park, visiting Niagara Falls (of course), etc. We packed our trip with lots of activities, and it was great fun.

With my sister off to university in a few weeks, and me doing God knows what, this could very well have been our last summer vacation together. I'm glad we could "go out with a bang".

Back from gone though, and for almost a week already. Naturally I've been spreading the love in Azeroth again, and I immediately decided to sign up for some raids. It's really been a while since I'd been in Ulduar, and with my friends on vacation now I might actually have time for it...

Sunday night we went retro-raiding, and headed for the Isle of Quel-Danas. Naturally the trash went down really quick, and in no time at all we were at Kalecgos and Brutallus, who met their demise in a rapid tempo. The dragon Felmyst proves quite a bit harder, as it was hard to pinpoint exactly where she'd fly off to and spread her deadly toxic gas. As people started to get online we got a bit more DPS in (note: we had maybe 16 raiders in Sunwell before that time) and we got her down.... technically. She was stuck at 1 hp because she was airborne, and we had to ride out the entire air phase before she could be killed. It was manic, but a lot of fun when we finally got her. Smooth sailing from there on. The Eredar Twins proved a bit of a nuisance, but M'uru was down before we knew it.

Kil'Jaeden left.

I remembered the chamber from when I once got in on another guilds raid save. I remembered a few of us running into the Sunwell room, bubbling and attacking whatever we could. We got molested, of course, but now we were 10 levels higher, much stronger and ready for revenge.

Oh, we got it. It was one amazing fight, watching Kil'Jaeden pop up was incredible on it's own. The absolute top had to be the event at the end, with Velen and Lady Liandrin. The Sunwell exploded back to life, and it was a magnificent sight.

I always knew that Sunwell Plateau was very important to Blood Elves lore-wise, and I'm glad I got to witness it. The role-player in me got his feast.

I also went into Ulduar again, on saturday. Our follow-up is on tuesday, so I'll make a full report on the entire run afterwards.

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