Saturday, July 4, 2009


Today's been a day mostly filled with getting stuff together, packing suitcases and generally stressing out trying to get everything sorted. Well, not for me, for my mother actually. I'm not that susceptible to stress, so even though I'm getting everything sorted for tomorrow, it's all been very laid-back so far.

Yep, tomorrow morning I'll be leaving for Canada. I'll be making a tour through Ontario, visiting places like Toronto and Ottawa, going river rafting and going on a multi-day wilderness trip in Algonquin Nat. Park.

It'll be a blast, no doubt.

July 27 marks my return flight, so arrival will undoubtedly be a day later. See you all then.

Until then I wish everyone lots of fun, good raiding, and a nice vacation yourselves!

Enjoy the peace and quiet without this crazy Paladin!

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