Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Flame On!

Summertime is just 'round the corner again, and it's reflected in everything around us. The temperature is rising, the sun is shining bright and the amount of outdoor activities increase.

In World of Warcraft, this mainly means one thing: Midsummer!

The fires have appeared again all over Azeroth and Outland, and Ahune is in the Slave Pens once again. Everyone's running around, juggling torches or dancing around the Midsummer Poles, and it's great. Midsummer has always been my favorite festival, and I'm excited now that it's here again. I spent the better part of the evening visiting every single fire, either to extinguish or honor it, and smacked Ahune for good measure.

Result: the Flame Keeper title is mine! The one thing I've been wanting out of the achievement system ever since it was introduced, so naturally I spent some time and made an effort to get it. There's still plenty of days left, but with my current busy schedule I figured it'd be better to have it sooner than later. I got the pet today as well, and I'm 80 flowers short of the brazier, so I should be able to get that as well this year.

As an advanced warning, I'd like to say that July 5 - July 27 will be scheduled radio silence due to vacation. I'll be terrorizing Ontario, Canada in that time, and thus unable to play WoW or post anything here. I might be able to check in once or so with my Nintendo DS (gotta love the browser on there), but I'm not planning on writing entire essays on that thing.

Keep the fire alive!

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