Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Last post was a bit negative. A baby post created in the spur of the moment. And wrong.

I was genuinely worried that the Ulduar Team I was drafted in wouldn’t go beyond Flame Leviathan. I was annoyed at the fact that I would finally be in Ulduar, and then had turn back as soon as we kicked down its front doors. But I should have known better, and (as always) I realize that in hindsight.

Because Ulduar was just amazing, and however far we would have gotten, it wouldn't have mattered anyway.

After a few cancellations, we got some replacements for the raid group, including another healer. We started a bit later than planned, but that couldn’t spoil the fun. I chose to drive a Demolisher, and with a fellow Paladin in the catapult seat, the raid set out for carnage.

Can it even be explained? The fun we had while plowing through the legion of Dark Iron Dwarves, demolishing towers and destroying buildings. It’s hard, but I can tell you that everyone was having the time of their lives.

And then we arrived at Flame Leviathan. Being a Demolisher, I steered clear of the boss and hurled boulders at him from a safe distance. The random pursuit of Leviathan is something I still have to get used to. The first time I got caught off guard, but still managed to stay in front of him. The second time I was very close to him, and got shoved once. I hadn’t gotten my Projectile Pally back yet after hurling him onto Leviathan, so I was without a speed boost. It didn’t matter though, as he went down amazingly fast. It was a great piece of teamwork, and we were proud of ourselves.

With two healers in the group now, we decided to see how far we could go. It would be a shame to stop now! We headed off to XT-002 Deconstructor, the “Yoga Boss”. We set out to clear the trash first, and we were smacked hard on the floor the first time. There’s no underestimating this trash, that’s for sure! After countless Naxx raids, you could say everyone’s become a bit complacent, so it was refreshing to have such a wake-up call. It’s Ulduar saying “get up and pay attention, this ain’t a walk in the park.” We defended our honor the second time around, and got ready for XT.

Upon first aggroing, it quickly became clear why this boss had wiped many a raid group by laughter. Its high-pitched children’s voice is both hilarious and annoying, but XT is nothing like a child. Scrapbots, Boombots, Gravity Bombs, it can become quite a hectic fight if you don’t pay attention. During a ground pound we lost one of our healers, and were forced to wipe at 50%. We adapted, however, and on our second go we paid a bit more attention to the health bars, and we got him down in style. It was an unexpected turn of events for the evening, and we celebrated with loud cheers all over Vent. This was not planned for tonight, but very welcome nonetheless!

With a slight momentum building up, we tried to reach Ignis, but his two Flame Colossi proved a bit tricky. In the end we had to leave them, and we called it a night.

There was a peculiar taste in my mouth afterwards. It made me hungry. Hungry for more.

A good taste.


  1. GZ on getting the Yoga Boss down! Did you have a go at Razorscale? We've managed to down her once so far, the spawns being a bit much for our tanks... We've also only taken shots at XT twice both quite hard but invigorating. Glad to hear your attitude towards being "Team B" has changed somewhat,heres to hoping there are alot more boss kills in your future!

  2. Grats again! I totally agree with you about the trash - very invigorating after Naxx. And Demolishers Schmemolishers - Choppers are the way to go! ;)

    Your second-favourite cow.

  3. People had to go shortly after XT, so we didn't go for Razorscale anymore. That'll be something for another week. I don't miss it, I'm glad we got further than expected already.

    My attitude has indeed changed. I'd like to pass it off as a weak moment, as I normally don't think that way. It's something I'm not proud of, but as long as you realize that and learn from it, I believe it's all good.

    Thanks for the continued support Taryl, I hope you guys are doing just as good.

  4. We banged our collective heads against Razorscale for two hours last reset. Gotta tell you, I am really happy to be wiping again :D Naxx makes people complacent and lazy. Ulduar is forcing us to put down the beer and concentrate on the task at hand. Needless to say Razorscale is still flying around in Ulduar after our visit :D got her down to 15% but maybe Ulduar 10man isn't really the place to test new druid healers :D... After a long night of fun we called it and should be heading back in this weekend.

    I too have had an epiphany of sorts, was kinda negative myself about 3 weeks back, but after sorting out was is important (for me) in this game... gotta say I am quite content with my lil group of friends and our (lack of :D) progress.
    May the Light keep you safe Brother

  5. I must say Vaad. We did have a good time and i really enjoyed being a passenger on your demolisher. Lets hope we continue panning behind in ulduar :)

    As you were Pink 1 !