Monday, May 4, 2009


The teams heading into Ulduar on Monday have only just been posted, and already it's demoralizing.

Team One has a well-balanced group setup, and is clearly the progression team. Goal: go in there and get as far as possible, while gaining valuable experience.

Team Two has two tanks, one healer and the rest DPS. Goal: get Flame Leviathan down. No further goals to be achieved, and quite hard anyway with only one healer.

Yes, I'm in Team Two. But taking that out of the equation, having a group with only one boss as a goal is utterly devastating. The message it carries is either "it'll take you all night to down Leviathan" or "you're not supposed to do more at this point". And even if both are false (which it most likely is), it can't be denied that it sucks heavily if you have to leave after just one boss, with the taste for more still fresh in your mouth.

At this rate, I'm starting to hope Ulduar tastes bad.

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  1. 2 Suggestions for your Team2, if I may.
    1. accept that Leviathan is a loot pinata and be happy your getting a team together. Loot and experience > no loot/xp
    2. roll offspec holy and get some gear, L2heal and be that healer guy. Take one for the team sorta.

    Regarding 1. alot of ppl would like to see the inside of Ulduar but just dont have the people around them to even get a 10 man team and regarding 2. yes, well that would kinda be me, not always tasty but seeing content in the long run. Hope you still have fun no matter what!

    May the Light guide your path