Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Taking A Look Around: Burning Crusade

Nope, not Outland. Burning Crusade. I decided to divide the posts by expansion, so here’s the Burning Crusade post.

Who didn’t get the wow-factor when stepping through the Dark Portal for the first time? It’s a decent size already in the Blasted Lands, but in Hellfire it’s just HUGE! Maybe not the prettiest sight, but awe-inspiring nonetheless.

Without a doubt my favorite zone in all of Outland. The fresh colors, flying plateaus, many waterfalls make it the only place in Outland that actually looks peaceful. It was definitely a welcome change from the hostile environments I was questing in before Nagrand.

I love the Blood Elf architecture, and Eversong Woods was a very enjoyable starting zone in my opinion. A zone in the same style, completely attuned to level 70 players and with a cool faction (with equal awesome tabard) really made it for me. I grinded all the way up to exalted, spending hours and hours on the many dailies to get there. The only thing I haven’t experienced yet is Sunwell, but I’m determined to clear that place someday. I just have to!

And again, let me know your favorite places brought to you by The Burning Crusade!

Northrend’s pretty places will be featured next time, in the final chapter of “Taking a look around”.


  1. I actually loved Hellfire Peninsula. I know to a lot of people it was just a desolate place, but when you pivot the camera angle up and see the sky, well to me it was just beautiful and amazing.

    Zangarmarsh and Nagrand I like. The scenery for both areas was nice actually. I think I just liked the vivid colors.

    I think the BE and Draenei starting areas are both more interesting than most, but the BE has to be the most colorful. I've actually been taking my mage to sunwell plateau for the dailies. I get a little xp and it's just a pretty area.

  2. My favorite area in Outland must be Nagrand. Must be because it's the homeland of the orcs. ;)

    My least favorite is probably Silithus. The only reason I visit that place is because it is out of the way and you can mine in peace. (It's not uncommon to have only three people in the whole zone).

    Keep up the good work!