Saturday, April 11, 2009

Shared Topic - Does Your Toon Have A Soul?

Over at Blog Azeroth there’s a thing called the Shared Topic. A helpful tool for bloggers who are having trouble finding something to write about. Each week, it gives you a specific topic to write about, in the form of a question. More often than not, these topics are pretty cool, making you view your game from a new perspective. Therefore, I’ve decided to follow these Shared Topics for a while. This week’s question: Does your toon have a soul?

“Even if you’re not a role-player, you may have noticed your toons having their own personalities and preferences. Has any of your toons developed their own personality?”

As I play on a Normal PvE server, I don’t experience much of role-playing while running about. There’s the usual people with stupid names, Chuck Norris jokes and guild names (or rather sentences) that make you /facepalm, and in such a degree that you’ll never find on an RP server. I was pleasantly surprised at the general atmosphere when I visited Steamwheedle Cartel EU. RPing conversations between players, people walking around in matching gear sets, not something I see on a daily basis. But constant role-playing isn’t my cup of tea, so I know I’d be happier on Lightbringer EU at the end of the day. However, as I still enjoy my fair share of role-playing every now and then, and that shows in the background I give to each of my serious characters.

The serious characters being Vaadren and Myczil.

I’ve recently discovered that Vaadren and Myczil are, in fact, brothers. Both Blood Elves, Myczil was the older brother, looking after his baby brother Vaadren. Myczil quickly learned the ways of the Holy Priest, and set out into the world to help others. However, he fell to the Scourge and was buried in Tirisfal Glades as a Nameless Hero of the Horde. Shocked by the news, Vaadren mourned the death of his big brother, and vowed to avenge his death. He devoted his life to the Light, but as a powerful Paladin instead of a Priest. When he was old enough, Vaadren ventured out into the world, following his brothers footsteps. He exacted Holy Retribution upon many Scourge, fighting for the Horde, his brothers memory and a bit of revenge. Years later, Myczil was revived by the followers of Sylvanas, and joined the ranks of the Forsaken. Remembering nothing but his name, he continued to follow the ways of the Priest, but found new power in Shadow. However, as time passes, Myczils memory is slowly returning, and who knows: perhaps someday, the brothers will fight alongside each other again.

As for personal traits, the two are quite different. Despite the many comments flying around, Vaadren is, in fact, not a stereotypical “gay Belf”. He doesn’t spend hours in front of the mirror, enemies won’t go easy on you just because you look good. Gear doesn’t have to match, as long as it does what it’s supposed to do. He does, however, have a phobia for small and mid-length cloaks, and refuses to wear them, even if it’s an upgrade stat-wise. He’s not a merciless fighter though, he’s made lots of friends in his current guild, and gladly jumps in to help them in times of need. He’s also a bit of a flirt, running around Northrend bare-chested and dancing with the pretty girls while yelling “Hey baby, your guild or mine?”. These actions have gotten him into a slightly questionable love triangle with two female Tauren of the guild, and he now bears the nickname “Moo loving tart” as a result. Oh, and he’ll smack anyone who says that hawkstriders are chickens.

Myczil, on the other hand, is more of a loner. He mostly rolls on his own, and will party only when necessary. Furthermore, he hates his boney legs, and will do anything to cover them up. That’s why he spends most of his time in shadowform, hiding his features in shadows. However, that’s not always enough, so he’s on a constant quest for robes that will cover his legs. He hates vestments and tunics, but he’ll wear them if necessary. Just as long as there’s something better on the horizon… He also abuses Mind Vision like no tomorrow.

Join in on the Shared Topics, they’re fun!

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  1. hawkstriders are not chickens. this distinction is reserved for the gnome mounts the mechanostiders :D Out of all my Toons the only one that has a soul is my Nelf Hunter Salvànus on Khadgar EU. A bit of Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry and a bit of Happy Gilmore (you like that clown? you want some more clown?) rolled up into the somewhat explosive personality you might not expect in a supposedly relaxed and chilled out night elf culture. Keep up the good work!