Monday, April 20, 2009

New Day, New World

Patch 3.1 has hit, and everyone’s busy getting used to all the changes. Dual Specs, the Argent Tournament, revised talents and of course Ulduar, it’s been one helluva patch. In the past half week I’ve been quite busy myself.

I managed to get a working spec together. Honestly, as long as you have the “core talents” there’s no way you can go wrong, but even after my first spec I felt like it needed some changes. Those are done now, and it’s working like a charm. I chose a 0/13/58 spec, taking a few slightly PvP talents, since I do go in there every now and then. I was a bit skeptical about Divine Sacrifice, but Josh from Eye For An Eye made some good points about the spell. And after trying it, I do agree that it has its uses, so thank you Josh.

I also activated my Dual Spec, since I have ambitions in healing as well. I have to say that it’s really easy to switch back and forth between specs, increasing my flexibility and sense of freedom. I’m no longer stuck in one spec. However, I think the freedom has gone a bit overboard. I was a supporter of the idea or needing a Lexicon of Power to be able to change your spec (or your class trainer, that makes sense too). However, they took that out and just made it possible to “respec” everywhere you want, with certain minor restrictions (during combat, battlegrounds, arena). I can DPS one boss, and heal the second, and all I need to do is click one button. I don’t know, it seems…… too easy. Still, I’m enjoying my healing escapades every now and then, and I sincerely hope my guildies do as well. I have the gear, but the experience is a bit of a learning curve...

And of course I’ve taken a gander over at the Argent Tournament. It reminds me of the Isle of Quel’danas, as a place with all kinds of daily quests. It’s a good money maker, and I’m diligently doing them every day. The mounted combat has been done very well, and there’s some nice rewards to be had from the vendors all around. The Coliseum is still under construction, so I’m excited to see how this will unfold.

And tomorrow (Monday), Samsara is taking its first steps into Ulduar! We’re taking the 10 finest people into Ulduar for the all-important experience. It’ll undoubtedly be a wipe-fest, getting to learn all the fights, but all in the name of progress! The team is not entirely clear yet, so we’ll have to see tomorrow. Fingers crossed for a spot!


  1. Good luck in Ulduar! Even if you end up wiping a lot, your first time is always fun. =)

  2. Thanks Ferraro, it's gonna be a blast in there! In the end I didn't get picked for the team, but there's always a next time. The Ulduar Team did manage to get Flame Leviathan down though, so as a guild I have to say we started out quite nicely.

    So much going on, and I hardly have the time to update. Someone get me 48 hour days or a week of vacation!