Friday, March 6, 2009

What's the deal with friday?

I'm sure you all noticed the change to the layout. I was in need of something new and fresh, and I quite liked the look of it. I set up a poll to ask you what you think about it, so don't hesitate to voice your opinion.

Nothing much under the horizon WoW-wise, it's like spring break for me or something. The Malygos raid went through on monday, but unfortunately they didn't get her down. Oh well, better luck next time, and more chances for me to join the raid. I'm itching to see some content again.

As far as 25-mans go, we're not up to scratch yet. Lots of people are itching, but it's proving impossible to get 25 people online at the same time for any decent amount of time. So our officers decided to take a different approach on the matter. They contacted another guild we have good connections with, and set up a raiding coalition. Both guilds will provide half of the people needed, and together we'll rock the house. It sounds like an awesome idea, and apart from a few things that'll have to be sorted out really well to prevent discontent (raid leaders, loot rules, etc.), I'm quite sure that this will work out. But with seven days in a week, I do have to ask the question:

Why always on the one night I can't come?

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  1. Hey buddy,

    I like the new layout, good job!