Monday, March 2, 2009

Up the Ladder

Not much time spent in WoW the last couple of days. This odd thing called "Real Life" took a bit more of my time than anticipated.

One fun thing though: my guild has decided to appoint so-called Class Leaders for each class, mainly so people have a designated person to turn to with questions. I was appointed as the Paladin class leader together with a good Paladin friend of mine. Since he knows a lot about Protection, I about Retribution and us both combined a lot about Holy, this is the perfect combination.

The first assignment was to liven up the class boards on our forum a little, so I spent the better part of today visiting theorycrafting sites, collecting data and combining that data with my own knowledge into a Retribution guide. It was time consuming, yes, but also very fun to do. After typing it all out in Word, it was a good five pages long, and is now on our forum, waiting to be read. I'm still debating whether or not to put it up here.

On another note, Samsara's first Malygos raid is scheduled for tomorrow night. Of course the Sods Law dictates that I have other stuff to do that evening, so I won't be joining them yet again on their first adventures. But hey, there's always next time!

EDIT: Darn it! I had hoped to keep up the thursday-sunday updating schedule, but the newest post registered as monday already!


  1. Hey hey! I've created a Tauren Death Knight on Lightbringer!!

    Keep an eye out for Grumbah!

  2. I put you on my friends list, so it's only a matter of time until I see your login pop up on my screen.

    Looking forward to seeing you on my home server =)