Monday, March 16, 2009

Track marbles, track dust bunnies, track...

Not much under the horizon for the past few days since my last post. Friday is always a non-WoW day for me, and a pleasant day out made today the same.

I did go into Naxx again on saturday, though. And it's going better and better, because we cleared three quarters in one night again. Tuesday's follow-up day as usual, and I have no doubts Kel'Thuzad will die once again.

In other news, I rolled a Hunter. A very good friend / guildie of mine dared me to level a Hunter (more specifically, a TAUREN Hunter), for a reason I can't remember anymore. Maybe cause she's a Hunter-turned-Paladin, and felt like I should do the same. And since I can't say no to her anyway, I rolled that Hunter. I doubt it'll get far, but as long as I'm enjoying the companion of my wolf pet, I'll probably spend some time on him every now and then. And change his name. Molgar of Mulgore, what was I thinking?

By the way, have you ever rolled a Hunter? They have a tracking ability for, like, EVERYTHING. Beasts, okay. I understand that. Humanoids, fair enough. But Demons, Undead (without a handy glyph thankfully), Dragonkin, Elementals, Critters, NPC's, GM's, Enemy Players, Foliage, etc... You get the idea, it's pretty extensive.

Aaaaand, I guess I could talk PTR/3.1/Ulduar/SA loss/talent tree revamp stuff, but I'm not really that kind of guy. I'll gladly answer any questions regarding those matters, maybe even make a post out of it if there's enough questions to fill a post with (then again, that would require readers in the first place to ask those questions), but I don't really want to go really in-depth on it. My short opinion on all this stuff is simple: It's the PTR. I don't believe anything until I'm reading it in the official patch notes on release day.

Now, go out and track some undead. Or wait, SENSE Undead. What are we, Hunters?

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