Sunday, March 29, 2009

Taking A Look Around: Classic WoW

The last article was certainly an interesting one. It was a new way of writing for me, the content was heavier and made you think more (I hope). I’ve received some good responses, so I’m glad about that.

As a way to start today’s post, I’d like to quote a comment made by Anonymous: “Sometimes in the heat of Wowing we forget why we rolled Class X and why it stuck on us like it did.” An excellent summary of what I intended to say in that particular post, and I thank you for that, Anonymous. However, it got me thinking, and I came to the conclusion that it was much broader than just that. I dare to say that “sometimes in the heat of Wowing, we forget why we initially fell in love with the game and why it stuck on us like it did.”

Exploration has always been a passion of mine. Even before I reached level 70 in TBC, I went out and explored every part of Azeroth and Outland. It was my goal to have seen the best places the World had to offer, to have filled all the maps. When the achievement system was introduced I pretty much already had the Explorer tabard and title, as I had already seen most places long before that (with the exception of Northrend, of course).

Today, most people run around Azeroth without even glancing at their surroundings anymore. I know, as I find myself doing it as well. And it’s perfectly understandable. All the hours of idling in Dalaran or Shattrath, questing in the starting areas or Hellfire Peninsula, farming the same dungeons over and over, at some point it becomes “been there, seen that”. But when you think about it, it’s a shame. A shame that such beautiful places are taken for granted, because we’ve all seen them 100 times before.

And so, as a tribute to all those beautiful places, I’d like to share with you some of the places that have literally made me “WOW”. Out of my Azeroth collection and in no particular order:

I find the Loch a beautiful zone, and unfortunately I’ve never had the pleasure of questing in it. Its main attraction for me is the Stonewrought Dam though, and not so much the view from below (as depicted on the screenshot), but the view from the top looking down. Needless to say, I bubbled and jumped down.

Maraudon was one of my more recent ventures, and while it’s an extremely long and annoying instance, you can’t deny its beauty. Huge waterfalls, magnificent stone bridges, blooming flowers, and vibrant colors make for an awesome place to be (if only you could say the same about its Princess). Any screenshots taken really don’t do it justice, the only way is to see it for yourself and walk through it.

Maybe a slightly confusing choice, but I have to say that I absolutely love the design of Stranglethorn Vale, and Booty Bay in particular. It’s not just the visuals, it’s the entire feel of it. Out of all my favorite places, Booty Bay is the one place I actually visit regularly. I’ll sit down for some fishing, run around dressed as a pirate, or try to seduce Catelyn the Blade. Without success so far, I should say. I’m missing some important Catelyn/Blackwater Raiders rep.

I visited all those places today, and I enjoyed it very much. It brought back some good memories. My advice to all of you: take the time to visit your favorite places again. And then show me what they are.

Next up: Pretty places in Outland!

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  1. my favourite place is Duskwood with the city of Darkshire