Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Soul Searching

As a (relatively) new blogger, I am always searching for new ways to improve my blog. The new layout was one of them, and even though it's still not exactly what I want, I find it an improvement. Chances are I'll only be able to get the exact look I want if I start self-hosting, and right now that is not an option, so the next best thing is good enough for now.

The other point of improvement is obvious: content. Right now, most of the content is "I did X, raided Y, achieved Z", which is all good, of course. After all, it's my blog and I talk about whatever I want. But therein lies the trick: even though I enjoy writing about those things, it's not enough. When progress comes to a halt, there's nothing interesting to say. "Well, we cleared Naxx-10....again. Nothing special." That's not fun to say, that's almost like writing for the sake of writing. And as soon as blogging becomes a chore, you should stop. But seriously, I don't want to stop blogging, so the only other option is to expand my horizon.

So, in my search for inspiration, I spent a while reading blogposts and articles on several different blogs. I ended up with a revelation while reading some articles on World of Matticus. Naturally, some piqued my interest more than others. A post about Northrend faction reputation was enjoyable to read, for instance, while a post focused on the usefulness of certain Priest abilities didn't really interest me that much (most likely it'll interest me more as soon as my Priest becomes a more important character).

Then I stumbled upon something that made me sit on the edge of my seat: Matt's view on guilds. A full explanation on how he runs his guild, why he chose that particular path and what he does to make sure he doesn't stray from that path. Over the years I've been second in rank in several guilds, spread out over several MMO's. When I started playing WoW, I decided I didn't need that anymore. I like to have some level of responsibility, but I decided I'd always remain a "care-free member". However, guild mechanics still interest me to this day, and I enjoy observing Samsara as its Officers make decisions, and how its members react to them.

And while reading that, my revelation occurred. I'm a social player. I love raiding, and I wouldn't give that up. I, too, feel the need of progress. But the social aspect of the game intrigues me a lot. How do players act around new members? What happens when a new loot system is introduced? How do people interact with something every guild has: the Guild Joker? Those are the questions I ask myself, and I come up with the answers by my observances.

I found my niche, I think. Instead of just talking about what I do, I should talk about what I see as well. And about what I think of those things. Theorycrafting isn't my thing, nor is talking about upcoming patch info. I'll leave those things to the people who are good at it, and maybe branch out into it myself if I ever feel the need. Like, as often as a solar eclipse.

So that is what's going to happen from now on. It'll take some effort to flip the switch from "I see what's going on" to "I see what's going on, let's write something about it", but that's all part of the learning curve.

The most interesting thing of all? You may think you know yourself in and out, but you can learn something new about yourself every single day.


  1. I appreciate that being a new blogger makes it sometimes difficult to put meaningful things in your blog. I am in exactly the same spot. For me, writing from the perspective of the observer has always been much easier than writing from the perspective of a participant.

  2. I know exactly what you mean, Vaadren - I had the same issue for a while, writing about what I did, how I did it, what I got for doing it, and that was that. Eventually I decided to expand to writing about not only what I did while playing my Paladin, but HOW I play my Paladin, and what were some problems or questions I have encountered in the past that have since been solved that I could then pass on to other Paladins. Unfortunately I haven't really expanded beyond all my writing being for Retribution Paladins, but the point to this long wall of text is that I understand how hard it can be, and you have my respect and wellwishes if you're going to expand. Good luck ;)

  3. I enjoy talking about what I did in-game as well, but it's just not enough to fill a blog. I realized that when I skipped an update because I didn't have anything to say. And I wanted to nip that in the bud before it spun out of control.

    I'm excited about this new path, and I appreciate your support and understanding while I'm mastering this new way of writing =)