Monday, March 23, 2009

For lack of anything better

Some random ramblings to sum up last week:

The raiding coalition didn't work out in the end. I'm not quite sure what went wrong, but it did, and I don't really feel the need to keep asking questions. It's a shame for the 25-mans, since those are out the window again. There's still some 10-man stuff I can get, but most of the upgrades are from 25-mans now. And I like the new challenge of 25-mans, having a bigger raid, stronger bosses, more trash, etc. Of course there's still Sarth as our challenge, which we can still improve to two and three drakes, and Malygos, who we haven't downed yet. But with Ulduar coming, getting ready for 25-mans is becoming increasingly important.

My Priest hit Outlands and is lvl 59 now. Time to charge through that place and into Northrend.

Naxx-10 again yesterday and today. I seem to get picked every week lately (I sign up every week for the lack of better things to do in the weekend), shortage of DPS perhaps? I don't know. The proof is there that we've got Naxx on farm now, with a consistent full clear in two nights each week for the last month or so. It's still fun to do (apart from Construct), and each weeks raid composition makes the raid interesting. This week we had an all-melee group (the ranged couldn't come, and no other ranged were available at the time to replace them), which made fights like Kel'thuzad very interesting. It's that little twist that keeps you sharp, forcing you to adapt to the situation and step out of your routine.

I also went into Molten Core today, for some retro raiding. Unfortunately it wasn't as fun as I'd hoped because of the idiot PuG me and a few guildies were in. Loot whores who were nagging for gear, consistently rolling on gear that wasn't for their class and sulking when they didn't get the T1 that dropped. Seriously, don't say you need it, cause you don't. If you're leveling up, you'll get better gear in no time, and if you're lvl 80 you already have better gear. The classic Tier sets are novelty items now, so treat them as such. Ah well, I got to see Molten Core, kill Ragnaros and get the achievement.

My healing gear is done. Almost all pieces are enchanted, everything is gemmed and the only thing left is experience. I'm eagerly waiting for the dual specs, since it's hard to say goodbye to my DPS spec for long. I know exactly what I'm doing as Ret, and people have come to expect a certain level of performance from me in that role. A big part of me wants to immediately do a good job at healing, but I know that isn't possible. I'll need to dive in and accept the learning curve.

And as a final brain wave, maybe I should start writing some insightful posts to fill the gaps when there's nothing much happening otherwise. I still have that Retribution guide I can post...

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