Monday, March 9, 2009

Ain't that place empty yet?

Hooray for late night posts, it's becoming standard issue lately.

Lots of Naxxramas! First, a guild run in Naxx10 where we plowed through three wings in one night without wiping. We have Military left to do, and then it's off to Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad! The follow-up is on tuesday, as usual, and I'm very confident we'll clear it.

And remember that Naxx25 from the day before, that I couldn't attend? Their follow-up was tonight, and at some point during the evening they asked me to fill in for a lost DPS. I ended up in the 25-man strong raid group with our raiding coalition guild, and together we went through Construct Quarter. We got as far as Gluth, but too many people called it a night after him, so Thaddius was a no-go. Still, I had a lot of fun and got a taste of how our coalition raids go. I'm definately looking forward to more raids with them.

My Death Knight is also getting a bit of love again, and I'm almost up to the Wrathgate again. It'll be interesting to see the upcoming events from the Alliance perspective. Lore-wise you only get the full information if you play both sides, I've noticed. Things I didn't get to know when playing through Northrend as Vaadren, got explained in detail while questing with Rhyl. Pieces start to fall together, and you really get a view of the whole picture.

Malygos tomorrow, I hope I'm drafted for the team!


  1. Hey bud,

    Was fun to join for the construct quarter yesterday.

    Would have been nice to clear it, unfortunately real life called for too many of us.

    Next one seems to be planned for wednesday.

    See you there.

  2. Hey Vaadren! Haven't been looking at the sight much, VERY nice banner :)

    Good luck with Malygos... if you live through Phase 2 (my advice, jump on a disk as soon as you can), that fight is hellishly fun.