Thursday, February 26, 2009


It's been going 'round and 'round for about a week now I think, the screenshot meme. The digital chain letter for screenshots, with the usual "years of bad luck" threat if you don't pass it on, and so forth. Well, okay, not that. This particular chain letter asks the recipients for the sixth screenshot in their sixth screenshot folder. It kinda reminded me of Iron Maiden's "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son", but that could just be me.

It caught my attention during my regular read up at Banana Shoulders, and quite unexpectedly saw it end up at MY little 'ere blog. Go figure. Anyway, since I only have like three sub-folders in my screenshots folder (all WoW, by the way), I'll just take the sixth one in my main folder:

This one was made not too long ago. Five of us decided to do a bit of retroraiding and went into Karazhan. I ended up tanking in my Ret gear, we had a freshly dinged lvl 80 healer and a Death Knight alt who we "boosted" through. Yes, it was easy, but also very fun. It brought back memories of all the Karazhan raids, and was more a nostalgia run than anything else I like to think. This particular screenshot was taken just after clearing the Chess event, which actually requires some strategy with only half a raid. Challenging but fun!

And one more, see if you can guess where this one was made. Shouldn't be too hard:

Seeing as I haven't manifested myself in the immense blogging community yet(!), I haven't got too many people to pass this on to. I'll forward it to my good friend and guildie Thrashalot and see what he can dig up.

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  1. I like it :)

    Tonight I'll have a look to see what the screen shot folder holds.