Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Fall of Naxxramas

I wasn't there unfortunately, but that doesn't make the victory less sweet. On tuesday night, 10 February 2009 by Earthen years, Kel'thuzad has been beaten senseless, slapped silly and violated in the pursuit of "phat lewtz". This is the first full clear of Naxxramas for Samsara, so we were all very excited when the achievements sprang up in guild chat. Now, if we can keep this up, we might be ready to move up to the big boys soon!

My love for 25-mans has been rekindled since last sunday, when I joined OS heroic. My last post was about that, but oddly enough the evening didn't end there. Late at night, a won Wintergrasp match led us into heroic VoA, and then split up into two teams for normal VoA afterwards. Archavon is, of course, quite a pushover, assuming everyone follows the basic tactics and stay off the stairs and out of any AoE he does. And most people still run blindly after Archie when he jumps and creates his AoE smoke. Yes folks, it's apparently a very hard fight. I can only imagine how those people will ever do fights like Grobbulus, Anub'Rekahn or, God forbid, Heigan.

Anyway, before I get off track here, we did manage to get him down easily, and one of the drops was this: Valorous Redemption Gauntlets! I rolled, two other pallies in the group rolled less than me. A guildie Paladin and good friend of mine rolled and rolled higher. Earlier in the day, though, we were talking about gear on Vent, and I happened to mention that I really needed some new gloves since mine were still from a Northrend quest reward some time ago. And next thing you know, he shouts "WAIT" to the loot master, and cancels his roll in favor of me. I couldn't thank him enough! Heroic T7! The loot master was unable to loot Archavon, as he was bugged again, but the next day I found it in the mail, and instantly put an extra socket in it, filled the sockets and slapped on the best enchant possible at this point. This one will last for a while!

And the guildie Paladin? I owe his alts a lifetime supply of boosts through TBC instances now...

On tuesday night we had our own Naxxramas follow-up run (a different group than the ones that cleared it that same night), and did pretty well. We left the Four Horsemen on our first night, so we went back to get them down this time. Due to a lack of self-healing capable ranged dps I was nominated to tank one of the ranged Riders in the back. I anticipated this, so I already brought along my (quite decent) healing set and put it on. The switches were a bit messy in the back, as the marks kept stacking at irregular intervals, but me and the Holy Paladin easily outhealed everything Blaumaux and Zeliek could throw at us, and up front everything went smoothly as well. The Riders went down on the first try, with everyone still alive and the spirits high.

After having cleared the Military Wing, it was time for the next one. Lately we've been focusing a lot on Construct, since Grobbulus has been giving us a hard time and we wanted practice. Plague had been greatly ignored lately, though, so me and several others voted to go there. We cleared through the trash and got Noth down easily, as we've grown used to doing. The real challenge was Heigan! Ever since the patch that fixed the "safe corner" we haven't done Heigan, so it was crucial that everyone got the dance down to perfection. It took a few tries, but eventually everyone got a feel for the four lava areas, and at the 6th try we got him down. By then everyone was getting fed up with Heigan, so everyone was overjoyed when he fell face-down on the cold stone. That definitely was the biggest achievement of the night! After Heigan, Loatheb was easy cake, and after a quick detour via Patchwerk we called it a night and a successful raid.

I was pretty pleased with myself that night. I've been carrying a mediocre weapon around for a long time, hoping that Maexxna might drop her Wraith Spear for me, but I haven't had the luck as of yet. I decided it was time for something new though, so I spent the night before farming mats for the Titansteel Destroyer and hogging all the titansteel cooldowns from my guildies. Being the good guys and girls that they all are, they managed to get me enough titansteel to craft the mace just before the Naxx run on tuesday, and the effects were noticeable. 2.8k dps on Loatheb, and at Patchwerk (the "dps check") I got up to 3k dps even. Seeing as I usually hovered around 2k overall dps and 2.4k on the aforementioned bosses, I was pretty pleased to see the significant increase. DPS isn't everything, of course, but it's nice to know that you're not keeping the raid from progressing because you're falling behind. As soon as the Wraith Spear drops from Maexxna in future raids (or, dare I dream, Death's Bite one day...) I'll gladly upgrade again, but until then I'm quite happy with my face smasher.

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