Sunday, February 22, 2009

Constructs Deconstructed

With a full clear of Naxxramas last week, it was up to this weeks teams to keep the momentum. I don't know what the friday team did, but we, the saturday team, did very well last night.

Our raid leader decided to go for the Construct Quarter first instead of Spider Wing, which was a very welcome change. We've been starting on Spider Wing week after week, and by now I've seen all the ins and outs there. If only my upgrades would drop from Faerlina and Maexxna, but that's another story.

Anyway, Construct Quarter. We headed in there, and immediately it seemed apparent that this would be a good night. The trash was falling quicker than usual, so much that a raid member actually SAID it in Vent. A few people jinxed it, hoping that would be the end of it (I knocked it off on my wooden desk as an extra precaution, it's a Dutch thing I think). On to Patchwerk, and we were in business. The standard routine: let tanks take aggro, then go all out and have fun. I devised a way to start nuking early: cast Salvation on yourself, and then Avenging Wrath + nuking. This will prevent overaggroing even in the earliest stages of the fight, since Salvation eats away a significant portion of your threat. It hasn't failed me so far, who knows it might be of some use for you Pallies who read this.

With Patchwerk down we headed for Grobbulus, the real troublemaker of the Quarter. Melee was assigned to the adds, a slightly odd choice if you ask me, but fair enough. Usually, the Grobbulus fight is very hectic, but oddly enough that wasn't the case this time. I got an early nuke off Grobb, and kept switching from him to the slimes from that point on, slipping in an exorcism to the bad boy every now and then. After a bit more than a full circle he went face-down on the floor, and amazingly I was still alive. More amazingly, I was at full health. MORE amazingly, everyone was still alive! Cheers went up to signify a very good fight, from me especially since I've never seen him flat on his face before.

Gluth up next, a completely new fight for me. We went in, had one of our holy paladins kite the zombies around, assisted by the frost traps of our hunter. I was able to focus on Gluth himself, getting a general feel of the fight. The kiter was unable to keep all the adds busy though, and too many were devoured each time. We had to admit defeat, and suited up for another attempt. With a good idea of the fight now, I volunteered to kite the zombies, with the previous kiter free to heal again (and focus a bit on me, lol). It went better this time, but there was still a slight lack of coordination, and the zombies were all over the place and the fight in chaos. At 35% we had to admit defeat once again, but we would not be bested. Third time's a charm, as they say, so we tried again. This time, everything just went perfect. The frost traps were laid down perfectly (kudos to the hunter, it was absolutely spot on), our warlocks voidwalker picked up all the strays and directed them back to me, and I kept running around, keeping them busy. During the feeding round all the zombies were so close together that a massive AoE nuke took them all down at once, and no zombies ever saw the inside of Gluth's maw. He went down without a problem this time, and it was off to Thaddius.

The two pre-bosses at Thaddius went down pretty fast, TOO fast even. One went down way faster than the other, so some of us had to go back to auto-attacks to slow down the DPS and let the other one catch up. With the two down, though, we jumped to Thaddius and started the polarity fight. I stayed back a bit, afraid I might be too close to opposite polarities (being a melee fighter), but Thads hit box was big enough, so it wasn't a problem. With a four stack of polarity damage increase I started nuking Thaddius with all I had, and he went down pretty fast.

Our hunter had to go after Thaddius, but we managed to find a replacement and cleared the Spider Wing after that without any problems. Of course my drops wouldn't show up on the loot table, leaving me to get them yet another week.

Upcoming tuesday will be the follow-up run, with Military Quarter and Plague Quarter yet to go. Both shouldn't be a problem, so I'm hoping to see Sapphiron at least. Fingers crossed!

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