Thursday, January 15, 2009

Biting the....ehh....poison.

After a good Naxx run on saturday, the follow-up was disappointing to say the least. With high spirits we headed for the Abomination Quarter and started clearing the trash. The rivers of poison hit quite hard, but nothing out of the ordinary, and after some connection issues with one of our tanks we were ready to engage Patchwerk. He is indeed as straightforward as I've heard, just a basic tank and spank for us DPS. I had a lot of fun unleashing my full arsenal of spells on him, utilizing every global cooldown and pushing my damage output to the max. Eventually Patchwerk fell, signifying a good start of the raid night.

So we thought. Everything went downhill from there. The "frogger slimes" were being really annoying, frequently killing people for no apparent reason other than latency (the known lag issue with Wintergrasp probably). Grobbulus didn't go much better. After a try or two I got the hang of the fight (experience is still better than reading up on tactics), but to no avail. It's hard to say what went wrong, as I've been in the midst of the fight all the time, being melee. However, it could very well be only a matter of practice and coordination, which will get better over time. We called it eventually, sick and tired of the multiple failures.

The downside for me that night was my mediocre DPS on Grobbulus, a lousy 1750 where I normally do a minimum of 2000 these days. I guess I can shove it off on the fact that I was killing slime adds half the time, but I'll have to look into some improvements soon. I'm not interested in topping charts, but I do want to function properly in a raid.

On another note, a small guild group went into Obsidian Sanctum yesterday, and they killed Sartharion in there. Gratz to all those involved! I didn't really feel like going yet, there will be plenty of opportunities to come and I prefer the quiet evenings a bit more these days.

I did get stuck in heroic Oculus for a few hours yesterday, eventually calling it quits after several failed attempts to down Ley-Guardian Eregos. Is he that hard, or is it just me? I still desperately want the gloves he drops, but he's quite tough. It could be lag, but sometimes he kills my dragon with one blast when I should still have enough health to survive. And always just before I want to activate my Evasive Actions (being the Ruby Drake).

To end with a positive note, I'm doing a solid level a day with Myczil these days, and he's up to 50 now. Only a few more levels to go till Outland, and then Northrend is almost in sight already! Apparently the guild is in need of a Priest (not sure what spec yet, I think Holy), so I'm doing my best to get him up and geared fast enough to contribute a bit more. I'd still prefer doing the content with Vaadren, but I'd rather help out the raid by switching and going back with Vaadren another time.

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