Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back (In Black)

The holiday season is over with, and while my last two weeks were hectic, they were fantastic as well. I want to wish everyone a great 2009, that it may be the year that make all your dreams come true. My 2009 has been great so far, and we're only at day 4....

The good old routine has set in again, putting some regularity back into my life and enabling me to play and progress again. I did manage to play a little bit during the holidays, do a heroic or two. I got my Mirror of Truth from badges, and got revered with the Sons of Hodir, so the Spaulders of the Giant Lords is also mine. Apart from that, I've loafed around mostly. Or just haven't played at all.

Meanwhile, the guild has done Naxxramas 10-man for the second time last night. They managed to clear the Spider Wing and Plague Wing, so congratulations to all those involved. I wasn't able to join them, but I'll be sure to sign up for the next run.

I hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays, and see you in-game!

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