Sunday, January 25, 2009

Across the Multiverse

Blizzard recently opened Death Knight creation on all realms, even the ones you don't have a lvl 55 character on. Since I never really got into my Troll Death Knight, I figured I'd go to the PvP server a friend of mine was playing on and roll Alliance for a change. I made it two steps out of Honor Hold, managed to get maybe two quests done before I was completely done with the whole PvP server thing. I must have spent more time corpse running than actually playing, and thus called it quits. I expected to get a sudden attack every now and then from a hostile player, but not so often. And apparently that friend of mine doesn't really play that much anymore, so there wasn't really any reason for me to stay.

So now I'm playing on an RP server, non-PvP of course, and I'm liking it much better. I can actually do quests, and the roleplaying theme appeals to me. I landed on the Steamwheedle Cartel server, as a Human Death Knight. Firelight, whose blog I have been following for quite some time now with great interest, also has his home here, so who knows we might run into each other someday.

Firelight, in case you might be reading this: if you ever see a Human Death Knight called Rhyl running around aimlessly, don't be afraid to /wave and say hello or something. There's a nice guy behind the glowy blue eyes, I assure you.

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