Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thirteen in a dozen

I mentioned this a few times in guild chat, and the trend seems to continue all the way into heroics: gear that looks the same.

While leveling up, you come across a lot of quests that give you new gear (as usual), and while the stats may be very different, that's pretty much where the differences end. I've noticed in my travels that there are about three different plate shoulder models, and about three different color schemes with each model. And that's about it. The result is that every plate wearer will look about the same, especially since Paladins share gear with Warriors and now also Death Knights.

That's only part of the problem though. At the moment the guilds arsenal of lvl 80s isn't too high yet, so you end up with a lot of the same groups for heroics. On several occasions I've been in the "2-warrior, 3-paladin" setup, which makes loot all the more interesting. Pretty much all the gear I want is also high on the list of the other DPS in the group. I did heroic Utgarde Keep today, for instance, and all three of us wanted the plate legs that the final boss drops. Same goes for Ebon Blade rep grinding (boots), Halls of Lightning heroic (axe) and so on.

This got me thinking, and worrying: will all the plate melee DPS end up looking the same? We're all aiming for the same gear since it's obviously the best. There is less customization than there was in Burning Crusade, as I feel it. And even if you do stray to another piece of gear, you'll still look the same anyway. I, for one, know I won't feel unique if there's 6 others running around in exactly the same gear as me in a 25 man. And let's face it, we all want to be unique.

Apart from that, it also annoys me that there's so many people rolling for the same stuff. It may be a tad selfish, but it takes the fun out if you're competing with all the other DPS for the same gear. I can't say "hey, look at this item" since 4 others will say "got that 2 weeks ago, man you're late", and again, I don't want people to be exactly like me (or me exactly like them). This "thirteen in a dozen" thing isn't really fun.

Although I guess you won't notice it at some point when there's more people ready for heroics. At least then there will be a good balance between melee and ranged dps again.

Anyway, here's the list I promised. The things I'm going for:

Head: Spiked Titansteel Helm
Neck: Pendant of the Outcast Hero
Shoulders: Spaulders of the Giant Lords (ideally, but will probably settle with Mantle of Volkan)
Chest: Breastplate of Undeath
Back: Cloak of Bloodied Waters (or Shroud of Reverberation)
Waist: Flame-Bathed Steel Girdle
Hands: Gauntlets of Dragon Wrath (quite hard, but no alternative found yet)
Wrist: Vengeance Bindings
Legs: Staggering Legplates
Feet: Death-Inured Sabatons
Rings: Hemorrhaging Circle + Mobius Band
Trinkets: Mirror of Truth + Sphere of Red Dragon's Blood
Weapon: Colossal Skull-Clad Cleaver
Libram: Venture Co. Libram of Retribution + Libram of Divine Judgement (depending on situation)

These are all relatively easy items to get, in my opinion. A few heroics for both gear and emblems, some blacksmithing, a bit of rep grinding and you're set. Of course there's better out there, but the question is: is it worth it? At some point you'll go into Naxxramas and replace all that gear. It's not worth it to spend a few thousand gold on that one cape which you will replace in 10-man Naxx anyway.

On another note, Utgarde Pinnacle is pure evil on heroic. I've tried to clear it with a good geared group on several occasions, and even though we slaughter the first two bosses, that Skadi crushes us every time with his gauntlet. It could be me, but I'm not supposed to die after 1 hit from a trash mob + 1 tick from his ice breath, that's just rediculous. It doesn't help that the trash traps you in nets either. We Paladins may have Hand of Freedom, but that's not quick enough to get out of the ice breath in time. I don't care how much our tank wants that sword from King Ymiron, I'm not going there anymore...

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  1. Nicely put Vaad

    I've had issues with the gear all looking the same too, mainly the fact both my dps and healy shoulders look the same, so several times i've been running about in the wrong ones.

    With heroics in the guild i think the main problem has been the fact that those of us who first reached 80 were mostly melee dps. A couple of times i've been in a group where all the dps has been melee, which for most of the boss fights isnt the best set up. But more people are hitting 80 and we are now getting much better set up groups.