Sunday, December 7, 2008

Going heroic

Wih the level cap hit again, it's back to the gearing up to get better. I've been using Atlasloot to list all the DPS plate gear and then compare them through Wowhead to make up a "wanted" list. So far I've hardly replaced any gear, and I'm wondering why. I think I still have to change my mindset a bit when it comes to stats. I feel I'm losing out on too much other stats like agility and intellect, even though I know that intellect will be gone anyway. The lack of agility still bugs me, nothing on the Tier armor even. And it does have haste rating, which is now unimportant.

Anyway, I did some heroics to get some gear together, but no luck as of yet. I did get better legs and a better weapon, but not the things I wanted. I'll use them, but it's all in-between armor, really. Maybe it's lucky I didn't get anything yet, I checked MaxDPS today and changed a few items on my list already. Turns out I forgot crafted items, mainly the helmet and bracers. Time to go mining and get that blacksmithing up! I'm going for Spiked Titansteel Helm and Vengeance Bindings, and quite honestly it's rediculous how cheap the mats are for such quality items. The frozen orb is the hardest part, and that's only a lucky roll in a heroic away (or a few badges, if you're really unlucky).

While I didn't get any items from heroics, at least I got some rep. I've been wearing the Ebon Blade tabard for a while now, and I'm halfway into revered. Only 8k rep to go until I can get those epic boots! Combined with the 1500 rep you can get each day from the Ebon Blade dailys it shouldn't take too long for me to get them. And as soon as I've got that helm made, I can buy their head enchant and not worry about that slot for a long time.

On another note: I finally got my epic flyer! I had to save up from Zul'Drak all the way through Icecrown to Storm Peaks, but I finally got the 5k together for the skill, and even a few hundred gold for the flyer itself. I was left with 9g afterwards, but I'm already up to 1k again, so I can pay repair bills again.

The guild as a whole is leveling quite nicely. I was one of the first to hit 80, but now there's more people getting up there, making it easier to do heroics too. All the lvl 80's are eager to do heroics, and I only have to ask to get a few positive reponses already. The healers and tanks have the busiest jobs at the moment, since we don't have as many of those at higher levels yet. It's fun to see the tug-o-war between two teams needing a healer, and I bet they like the attention themselves as well.

I'll post the gear list here later. I'm interested to see what people think of the list, and if they possibly have other ideas.


  1. thought i'd post before u thought u write and write and write and no1 bothers to read :D keep up the good work. btw wut eu server are u on?

  2. This blog is a place where I can write about my WoW experiences. Even if no one else will read it, I'll still be able to read and look back the things I've done. I do sometimes write as though I have an audience, and hope that I get a response every now and then =)

    Thanks for the show of interest, I always appreciate it!

    And to answer your question: I play on the Lightbringer EU server exclusively.

  3. I really enjoy your writing style and it helps keep me informed at work as your Site is one of the few that is not blocked by our firewalls :(
    We at familar to millions play on Khadgar EU. Not sure if we are in the same Battlegroup but if I get involved in some PVP I'll keep an eye out for you. Ah heck I'll keep both eyes out :D
    For the Light!