Saturday, November 29, 2008

Making it to the top!

The past week has been really busy. Apart from work I've also had a few other real life obligations, cutting my WoW time short. Nevertheless, I've done quite a lot and really enjoyed myself as usual.
Since my last post I finished up Grizzly Hills and got the Grizzly Hills quest achievement. After that I went for Zul'Drak and did a lot there. I made first contact with the Knights of the Ebon Blade there and have been questing for them ever since. The quest chain where you have to infiltrate a flying stronghold was really cool, leading to a satisfying end which is lore-heavy once again. After doing the major quests in Zul'Drak I hit lvl 77 and decided to head to other grounds. With my newly acquired cold weather flying I was ready to hit the big stuff! I took a flight to Icecrown and soon got reunited with the Ebon Blade once again. After a lot of questing I unlocked a few dailys for the Ebon Blade, and I'm doing those every day now. There's some sweet boots at exalted so I want to get the rep as fast as possible.

I ended up at lvl 79 last thursday, and today I had the chance to finish up that last level. I said my goodbyes to Icecrown for now and headed to Storm Peaks. The first few quests weren't too interesting, until I had to deal with a tribe of Nordic Amazon warriors. I ended up infiltrating into their tribe and questing for them (disguised of course), and it's been a blast ever since. I blasted through the quests with great pleasure, and the experience bar positively flew up. I ended my day neutral with the Sons of Hodin which hated me earlier today ("You have gained 22000 reputation with Sons of Hodin") and more importantly: at level 80! Yep, I made it to level 80. Not nearly as fast as some others, but still at quite a pace. It never felt like a rush though, and I've enjoyed myself a lot. I know there's still a lot to see, so now I'm going to finish up as much quests as I can to get some nice gear and gold. I'm still 1500g away from my epic flying mount, but I'm determined to get it this time around. I might finish up Nothrend exploration while I'm at it, so I can get the Explorer tabard and title, just for fun. Level 80 has opened up a lot of options, so I'll see what the game shoots my way.

As a finisher, here's me dinging to 80:

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