Thursday, November 20, 2008

Halfway there

I've been questing along nice 'n easy for the last week or so, and things are going nicely. I managed to hit 75 earlier today, marking the halfway point. So far I've seen all of Borean Tundra, Howling Fjord, Dragonblight and Grizzly Hills, although I haven't done all quests in any of those places. I'm currently questing in Grizzly Hills, going through some nice quest chains. I even had the pleasure of being reacquainted with my favorite dungeon boss: Arugal! Gotta love him and his Worgen.

I've seen Dalaran and set my hearthstone there. Honestly, that place is amazing. Shattrath was pretty nice as well, but it had its negative sides. Dalaran just has it all and looks nice to boot. All the profession trainers in their own little quarter, Horde and Alliance quarters complete with inns, portals to all major cities (including Shattrath) and a spiffy new Battleground Chamber, and of course the sewers. The Dalaran Arena is situated there (quite appropriately), and also a Black Market, giving the sewers a real "underworld" feeling. And for a miner/blacksmith the Forge of Fate is just awesome. It's a normal forge, but smithing in it really feels good. Not some third-rate anvil in some small village, this baby's a class A forge. I expect there will be some items you can only craft at the Forge of Fate, so I'm merrily skilling up until that day comes.

The only setbacks to Dalaran I've found so far are the size (I can't imagine how crowded it'll be when the realm has leveled enough to maximize capacity) and the fact that you can't access it legally until 74. Shattrath was nice in the fact that you could get there as soon as you hit Outland, Dalaran takes a bit more work, and it feels more like a restriction than an achievement for hitting 74.

Money has always been an issue for me, which is mainly the reason why I don't have my epic flyer yet. However, I'm up to 3k gold at the moment, halfway there to both epic flyer and cold weather flying. Cold weather flying will be top priority (only 2 more levels!), epic flyer after that. I also want that brown bear mount, partly because it really fits with the environment. I'm riding on my trusted Hawkstrider now (as always), which feels a bit out of place at times. I'd much rather have an epic flyer though, so the bear will have to wait for now. The gold income is going fast enough anyway. The quest money is nice, and so is the income from quest rewards. Lots of gear that I don't really need, so off to the vendor. I haven't replaced a single item yet, although it's bound to happen sooner or later. So far I can solo a 2 or 3 man group quest every now and then, so I think I'm fine for now.

I got the idea from Firelight to screenshot all my level ups, but I won't show them all. As usual I'm really bad at making pictures (both in-game and in real life), so I don't have much apart from those. Here's me dinging to 75 though, I'll leave it at that:

See you in Northrend!

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