Friday, November 14, 2008

The first day of Northrend...

WARNING: Contains spoilers (obviously). If you do not want to know what's going on in Northrend and with Death Knights, I suggest you stop reading here.

An e-mail last night confirmed it: my copy of Wrath of the Lich King has been shipped and should arrive in the mail today. And being the good postal service as they are, I got it today indeed! After about an hour of installing, upgrading and patching, it was time to enjoy the wonders of Northrend. It was my day off from work today, so I had all day to explore, quest and level!

First up was creating my Death Knight. I had a female troll already made, so with a quick delete and remake, I had Ryll the Death Knight. A beautiful female Troll, truly a woman not to take lightly. No time to start the Death Knight though, it would be crowded anyway and I wanted to see Northrend.

I hurried onto Vaadren, and my first thought was "holy crap, an exp bar"! It's not like I forgot what it looked like, since I'm still leveling Myczil, but it takes getting used to seeing it on your main. After taking a look at the Atlas maps I decided to start in Howling Fjord because it was greener there, and I like green. I took a portal to Orgrimmar, and found out that I could only go to Borean Tundra from Org. Oh well, off to the Tundra then! I ended up in Warsong Hold, a relatively small stronghold but with a boatload of trainers, vendors and other things. Compared to Warsong Hold, Thrallmar bites the dust as a "first town in a new area", this place has it all! After upgrading all my professions and getting some new consumables I went questing. It was quite hard sometimes, with 6 people going for the same mob, but not as bad as I expected. I positively blasted through the quests, taking on 3 or 4 at a time. Riding the new vehicles is fun, with the new interfaces. I wonder if they only did that for the new ones, or if the existing ones have been overhauled as well. Chess Event in Kara, anyone?

I took a small break from my (highly enjoyable and ass-kicking!) Paladin, and went exploring with Ryll. The Death Knight quests are very well set up, with the starting area changing with the events you're currently experiencing. In the same spot you were killing farmers 10 minutes ago, everything is now ablaze and you're killing hordes of soldiers! Buildings that are under enemy control at first, and suddenly burning and overrun with Scourge when you visit it for another quest further down the line. It's amazing how they managed to do it, and I can't figure out for the life of me how they pull it off. Are they phasing me into a different dimension every time I complete a special quest? I guess that's the closest I can get. Kudos to Blizzard for that anyway. Apart from that it's just very enjoyable to follow the path from serving the Lich King to breaking free and going back to the Horde. Very lore-heavy, which is a real treat for a lore junkie like me. The class itself works like a charm, the runic power and runes you have at your disposal allow for a lot of flexibility and fun. I decided to take the Blood tree since I felt it fit my style most, and it plays great. If I ever get Ryll close to 80 I'll make her tank probably, but for now I'm enjoying the DPS, still my favorite role in WoW. I ended Ryll at lvl 58, now a Knight of the Ebon Blade (Death Knights free from the Lich King) and parked in Shattrath. We'll see how much time I'll spend on her. I've had my taste of the Death Knight, so I'm happy for now. Quite frankly, Vaadren is my #1 priority, so I want to get him to 80 before even considering another project. Even Myczil will have to take a step back for a bit.

Back to Vaadren, and back to questing. I spent an hour exploring because I wanted to go to Dalaran, but we can't get in yet unfortunately. Instead I went collecting flight paths, and now I have about 8 of them already. One or two more and I can go from the Tundra to Howling Fjord, but that's not too important. Since friday is always a non-WoW day for me, I was determined to reach lvl 71 at least, and it proved quite a struggle. Was leveling always this hard? I must have done most of Borean Tundra already. The Taunka still have a few things for me, but apart from that.... I don't know. I did reach 71 in the end though, and I'll probably visit Howling Fjord after I'm completely done with the Tundra. It should give me enough exp to get to 72 at least. No planning far ahead for me, I'm taking it one level at a time. A madman's race to lvl 80 isn't really my thing, and luckily we can still all play the game as we want to. Of course I'll try to keep up with the rest of the guild so we can do instances together and get ready for raiding again, but I'm certainly not going to rush.

I may play tomorrow, not sure yet. It kinda depends on how the day goes. But if not, I'll have the entire weekend anyway. Plenty of time!

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves in Northrend. See you there!

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  1. Glad you managed to get your day one goal achieved. 1.5 million experience is quite a bit to get in one night.

    I haven't made my death knight yet, no rush. First I want to get Thrash to level 80.

    Blizzard implemented a new system where your personal time line can shift forward, this means that you might be seeing mobs / items that the person standing next to you can't. Great system if you ask me.

    Have fun mate and see you in game soon.