Sunday, October 12, 2008


Last week has been painstaking. Heroics that can't be finished due to time issues or server crashes, a Karazhan run that managed to wipe on one trash mob, and all that while only needing a few more badges.

It took a while, but last night I finally got down to needing only 5 badges. And today, after a round of Shattered Halls, I managed to get the remaining 5.

Which means that I finally got my 150 badges together! After the heroic I immediately went to the Shattered Sun vendor, and got myself that beautiful Blade of Harbingers that's been lurking at me for weeks now. I managed to find an enchanter within a minute of my purchase, and 2 minutes later I had it enhanced with a Mongoose. Whoo!

Time to test this baby out. Magtheridon is scheduled for tonight, and I'll be there. Magtheridon, you will die by my Blade, here or there!

1 comment:

  1. Well done on that mate!

    That blade should last you quite a while, even in the upcoming expansion.

    Still working on the three pieces I want for my "Wrath starter set".