Friday, October 24, 2008

Goodbye to a challenge

Raiding has gone to the backburner a bit, unfortunately because of the, in my eyes unnecessary, nerf of raid environments. Only the bosses, you say? Nay, I've noticed a change in the trash mobs as well.

The guild was supposed to go into SSC last saturday, but with some technical difficulties haunting our raid leader, and a lack of sufficient interest, it was called off. Instead, ten of us formed a group and headed for Zul'Aman. I've never been there before, since I always considered myself not strong enough yet, but with the recent changes I decided to give it a go anyway. And we blasted through Zul'Aman like no tomorrow. Bear boss, Lynx boss, Dragonhawk boss, they all went down extremely fast. Samsara "only" managed to get 4 our of 6 bosses down before the patch. We cleared it all without wipes, and quite easily I have to say. I did get killed once, but that was my fault for aggroing a group of whelplings during the Dragonhawk(?) boss. We got three chests out of the timed event, not bad at all apparently. Next time I want to do it at a slower pace. We literally rushed through it, and that seriously lowered the fun factor for me, being a first-timer. Hardly any boss strategies were given, leaving me to whack the boss and see what happened. Half of the time I was just going with the flow, following the kill order on the trash and pumping out maximum DPS and rotation efficiency during bosses. Downing Zul'Jin was gratifying though, as well as the festive jungle music that preceded it. All in all still a good time, and I got myself the 20 slot bag.

We got a guild group together on sunday to venture into the new Karazhan. We had one or two people going offspec (our best Resto Shaman went Enhancement), and we had two rogues who had never seen the insides of Karazhan before. It's safe to say that Karazhan is in EZ-Mode now. We kept chain pulling the trash, and boss after boss went down like nothing. We started getting lax, overconfident. Our raid leader accidentally pulled Maiden on his lock, and we still got her down easily (and the Warlock survived). We accidentally pulled Curator, and even though it took 10 seconds for us to decide to kill him anyway in favor of running, we got him down during his first evocate. For the first time in my Karazhan career (and mind you, I'm already fully exalted with the Violet Eye) we got Romulo and Julianne during the Opera event, which only proved a minor nuisance when they kept respawning because Julianne managed to get in a heal JUST before she was supposed to die. One Demon Chain on Illhoof, then downed. Aran went down faster than you can say "Flame Wreath, don't move!", he's reduced to a Shade of Shade o Aran now. Nightbane one-shotted. For the first time I was main pickup for the blue beam at Netherspite instead of backup and one-shotted. Prince went down after three enfeebles (the rogues died here cause they got enfeebled and didn't move out of the blast wave, but forgivable since Prince is a fight you must learn), I never even saw an infernal during the fight. Chess was the most enjoyable event, me taking a priest instead of the usual wolf. It was refreshing to play a new piece on the board. After everyone else had left for the night, four of us even cleared the animal boss for fun.

We managed to get the rogues geared up quite a lot, but apart from that it wasn't really a useful run. Being so immensely powerful was fun for a bit, but it lost its charm quickly. I know I won't sign up for many Karazhan runs anymore, mainly because it's so dead easy now. Wiping repeatedly on a boss can be annoying, but then the sense of achievement is much greater when you actually get him down. I'll still go to Gruul for the T4 shoulders and some bracers I need from Maulgar, SSC from there. But very little Karazhan.

Goodbye, my dearest Karazhan. It has been a pleasure to raid in your environment, but I fear must move on. Love, Vaadren.

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