Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gettin' There

First time I fully cleared Karazhan last night! In every Kara run I went to, we always skipped Illhoof (and sometimes Maiden as well), but not last night. We got them all, and we got them good.

Illhoof is an easy enough fight, but you have to flip that mental switch as a Paladin to keep spamming Consecration, which is annoying to put into your spell rotation if you ask me (not to mention a mana drainer). With no warlock present and 4 Paladins, mass Consecration was the way to deal with the imps. It worked though, and Illhoof coughed up a few badges before he knew what hit him.

Problem with 4 Paladins in the raid group is that as a DPS you get little to no chances at nice loot. Gorehowl didn't drop again, but I don't care anymore. I already have Garona's Signet Ring, Ironstriders of Urgency and both T4 tokens, which pretty much leaves me to collecting offspec gear. And with 2 Paladin healers (one still gearing up), and a Paladin tank (also gearing up) all the loot passes to them. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to Gruul's Lair again, who at least has some bracers for me, and the T4 shoulders. As soon as I have those, I'll feel like a balanced Paladin again. So far I've felt like a loose cannon, doing either a lot of damage and having to hold back, or doing subpar DPS.

I won't be able to attend the Gruul run scheduled for this saturday though. Every saturday for the next few weeks is already scheduled full, with a possible exception next week, I'll have to look into that. If so, I'll ask if I can get some kind of preference above other applicants because I won't be able to attend other dates, leaving a space for others. It sounds reasonable.

I'm also slowly getting my badges together. Last night got me 11 more, putting my total at 98 now. It's going slower than I'd hoped, but there's nothing to do about that. I'm doing my best. If I get into the next two Karazhan groups I'll be only a few short, and in that time I'll undoubtedly do a heroic or two.

Fingers crossed!

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