Friday, October 17, 2008

Echoes of Doom..... or are they?

Patch 3.0.2 has hit the live servers, and with a day off I've had the opportunity to fully explore the new features. Of course I already saw a lot of it on the PTR, but that's never the same, especially because you have a guild to share everything with on Live.

I came home late on wednesday, already eager to start. Patching went very easy, and my download speed went through the roof when hauling in the 1.6 Gigabyte file, almost encouraging me to play in a way. I got online, admired the new splash screens, and started enjoying. First up, the talent tree. I can make a perfect build for lvl 80, but 70 requires a sacrifice or two. In the end I went for a 0/5/56 build, leaving Kings for someone else, as I could use the 5 talent points better somewhere else. After clearing my bags of any mounts and vanity pets, I was ready to go do some achievements, mainly exploration. While I was running around in Azeroth, it rained achievements in guild chat, including the 65 yard drop, /hugging a dead enemy and even "Leeeeeeeeroy!" I finished Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor that night, and signed off for the night.

Today I went for Outlands exploration, and completed that soon enough. After that I decided to go for the Classic instances. I already did a lot of them, but still had a few to go. I did Wailing Caverns, Blackfathom Deeps and Maraudon. Maraudon is extremely annoying (never been in there before tonight), and at the same time amazingly beautiful. The place is a huge maze, and finding the way towards Princess Theradras was a pain. In the end I finally made it, and as a true anticlimax, the "Princess" turned out to be a toad, so to speak. It looked like a Boulderfist Ogre and Undead Abomination (the UC guards) mated, and this was the result. I decided to make the world a better place and killed her in a few fell swipes.

One of my guildmates is a sucker for new professions, so she already got Inscription up to 350 by this afternoon! She's been making free glyphs for guildies all day, so I got a major glyph of Judgment from her, and the minor glyph for Blessing of Might. Judgment is pretty much a no-brainer (10% more damage off judgments, and spamming judgments is still our job), and with Kings gone, BoM is something I'll use a lot. It's certainly not bad as a minor glyph. Crusader Strike and Spiritual Attunement look nice as well, but apparently the CS glyph is being changed, and I've yet to see if I actually NEED the extra few % of the Spiritual Attunement glyph, with the new mana regen I have.

Tonight was Kara night as well, but I passed cause I wasn't feeling too well, caused by a headache that crept up during the evening. The group that went was tearing the place down to its foundations, according to the latest update just before I logged for the night. I'm looking forward to a raid myself, or a heroic. I'm eager to try out my new skills in a challenging environment.

Overall I'm in a really good mood. Not only because Retribution got improved (which is what most people assume is the source of my happiness), but because of all the changes. From achievements to the group calendar. From the new BG (which I might even try out, it's really cool apparently) to the barber shop. And most of all, because it brought a fresh breeze into the game. There's lots of excitement in guild chat, there's so much new things to do. People are sharing new stuff, more than ever. Samsara has always been a good community to me, the guild chats were always full of laughter and good times, and grouping was always a blast. But now I have something extra. Instead of just laughing at the jokes in chat, I now have a content smile when I hear people talking excitedly over something. Now, more than ever.

It's funny that the patch carries the name "Echoes of Doom". I see a lot of people complaining about trivial things that came, went or changed in the patch, voicing those echoes in a way. But for me, I don't hear any Echoes of Doom. Quite the opposite.


  1. Hey Vaad,

    Sorry you couldn't make it yesterday mate, hope you're feeling better now.

    Like you said, a lot of changes, most good, some bad. I am having a blast, whilst still adapting to the changes.

    I'll be on tonight, maybe we can hit a few heroics.

  2. You're right about that glyph of judgement! I can get a 5k Judgement of Light w/ Seal of Blood crit and I'm in crappy t4 gear.

    For Mount hyjal trash and since WotLK will be out soon, I would recommend minor glyph of Sense Undead, +1% damage to undead while sense undead is active. Pretty nifty.

  3. I saw that one as well, Peregrine. It looks pretty nice, but the downside is that it only works against Undead. I wanted to make sure there weren't any better ones before picking that one up.

    However, you're right about WotLK. The Scourge should get a major role in the new expansion, making the glyph potentially invaluable.

    The Glyph of Judgement is just a must-have. It really is a no-brainer.

  4. Yeah, most of the minor glyphs aren't really buffs so much as things to make the game more fun or easier to manage, like certain spells not requiring regeants or your buffs lasting longer. Really, Glyph of Sense Undead is the only one I've seen, for Paladins anyway, that actually provides any definitive buff.