Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another one for the Holy Light.... sorta

My love for underdogs or anti-heroes is getting apparent now, as well my knack of picking classes that have several roles, the major role being the one I don't intend to play.

You may have seen him on the right side of my blog, but it's time for a formal introduction: Myczil the Forsaken Shadow Priest. At lvl 40 at the moment of this blogpost, he is my highest alt and current focal point of my WoW time. He's taken up Tailoring and Enchanting as his professions, and with a little monetary aid of Vaadren every now and then, he's happily skilling up. In the meantime he's also running around in Dustwallow Marsh, questing away in his just acquired Shadowform.

Why introduce a second character? Have I lost interest in my Paladin, like so many others with recent changes/nerfs/uncertainty regarding the class? No, not at all. Despite the hard times as a Retribution Paladin (finding groups, being laughed at, you know), I've always loved Vaadren a lot. And I will certainly continue playing him, going on adventures with him and writing about him here. But quite honestly, I don't do much with him at the moment instead of some raiding and the occasional heroic (and lately enjoying the Scourge invasion and grinding some rep). And since I've always wanted an alt, I decided to invest some time in one.

So while you can still expect your frequent Paladin news from Vaadren, expect some Priestly talk about Myczil every now and then as well.

Vaadren as my Crusader of the Light, and Myczil as Shadowweaver.

I say the opposites make for a good balance.


  1. hehe, why is it that all of us roll potential healers and make them dps? I've got a 64 enh shammy.

    is priesting difficult? I've tried, could never get them past level 8 before I got bored outta my mind.

  2. It can be hard at times. You're very weak, so you can't take too much of a beating. PW:Shield helps of course, but you really have to watch your back.

    No problems apart from that, really. With a nice rotation you can get mobs down with relative ease. Just watch it with 3+ pulls. Pallys can take on such numbers, but as a Priest it's better to run.