Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Teatime at the Castle

Just a short post today, after last nights follow-up Kara run. Aran's been bugging us this week for no apparent reason, but we finally got revenge tonight. Chess went easy as usual, I can't remember a single time we lost there. Is it even possible without leaving your computer? I got some healy pants from Chess, the start of collecting a healy set (I already have full tank set, holy seems obvious now). It's quite low priority though, so I won't go to great lengths just to get an item, like I'd do for Ret.

Prince went really well tonight. Usually we have trouble with the infernals, or rather bad luck. The first few drop quite far away, one a bit closer on a spot where you don't really want it but still okay, and then one right on top of you and the tank! This time was no different, but it went very smoothly. Prince went down like sugar in a teacup, and soon he was down on the ground. No Gorehowl again unfortunately, that axe has been eluding me for a long time now. I did get the T4 helmet though, so now I can replace that aweful Crusaders Scaled Helm with resilience on it for a nice Justicar Crown. It does push back my HR to below the cap again, which keeps aggravating me. Especially since I only need like 3 or 4 HR.

After Prince we got Nightbane down, by my request. After Gruul on saturday, I only needed Nightbane to finish the Cudgel of Kar'desh quest in Slave Pens (SSC attunement I believe), so I definately didn't want to miss out on that beasty. We got him down nice and easy, earning another batch of badges. We finished there with an early night, giving people the opportunity to go to sleep or just muck around until the server check started at 3 AM.

The badges are a blessing these days, as I made up my mind about my new weapon. The Blade of Harbingers is my choice, for a whopping 150 badges. Get a Mongoose enchant on that one and I won't be swapping weapons anytime soon. I've got around 90 to go, so I should really get working!

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