Friday, September 5, 2008

I want!

Gear upgrades. It never seems to stop, does it? Last week I finally got my T4 gloves (Justicar Gauntlets), which I immediately enchanted of course. Compared to the Ragesteel Gloves I had before them, the stat increase is quite nice. The strength increase is quite minimal. +3 Str or so, good for +7 AP. Not much, but extra AP is extra AP. The stamina and intelligence buffs are really nice, something I can always use. I've been focusing mainly on strength on gear, and my intelligence (and mana pool!) has been suffering cause of that. Time for a little love in that direction. I'm also looking forward to the 2 set bonus of the Justicar set. A 15% damage increase for JotC is always nice. After all, it's judged on mobs 90% of the time.

There's a major catch to the Justicar Gauntlets though. With the Ragesteel Gloves I had the Ragesteel Set hit rating bonus, something I really need. Without the gloves I'm suddenly down 20 HR, and that hurts. Luckily I was slightly overcapped already, so that softened the blow, but I'm still 11 HR short of capping it, and I really want it too. I don't want to be the one that misses a blow when everyone else is dead and Gruul at 1%. No use if you can crit for 3-4k if the blow won't land.

And so, in the quest for more HR, I started looking for gear upgrades. I still have some blues which I want desperately replaced (Crusader's Scaled Chestpiece and Helm, resilience yuck!), but haven't gotten around to yet. I decided I need to replace 6 things: helm, chest, shoulders, bracers, weapon and libram. Since itemization is quite a pain, it was hard finding suitable items for some slots, but in the end I made my shopping list.

I really need to get rid of that Crusader's Scaled Helm. It's not bad, but the resilience is such a waste. Prince should help me off that with a T4 helm drop.

Same goes for the Crusader's Scaled Chestpiece. I'll need to spam some MgT Heroic (gotta do normal first as well....can't get in otherwise) for the Netherforce Breastplate from Kael'Thas. I think that'll be my main objective for now, since it's the one I've been wanting to replace for a while.

Ragesteel Shoulders are nice for now, but without the set bonus not too special. T4 shoulders from High King Maulgar? We'll see, Gruul is just around the corner for the guild.

Bracers next. Sha'tari Wrought Armguards? With defense rating on it? The other stats aren't too bad, but there are better bracers around, and the defense raiting is just a waste. I was looking at the Eternium Rage-Shackles from the BoJ vendor, which are an improvement, but I'd rather have the "Ignore 150 of opponent's armor" stat in another form, like crit rating or AP. The other choice is Bladespire Warbands from HKM, but the chance of that dropping on the first time ever we're in Gruul's Lair, I'd say it's quite low. The crit rating is a nice feature of the Warbands, but all other stats are lower. Significantly. I'm not sure yet what to do, I might pose the dilemma to the guild and see what they think.

On to the weapon then. Prince has yet another drop for me, this time in the form of Grom Hellscream's axe Gorehowl. With my BS at 365, I probably should level it up to 375 and craft Stormherald, but I'm having doubts about the benefits of it in the end. I think Gorehowl will do just fine.

Lastly, the libram. I really think I'm using a crap libram now, and there's only one way to fix that: farm The Maker in heroic Blood Furnace. Libram of Avengement is THE libram, no questions asked.

It'll be hard probably, but I'll just go for it and see how it goes. Gruul's Lair on saturday evening, our first ever guild run. Really looking forward to that one!

Maulgar, Gruul, you'd better watch out. Samsarans are coming!

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