Sunday, September 7, 2008

Big 'n Ugly

Gruul's Lair was on the schedule tonight. Samsara is doing really well in Karazhan, you could almost say we've got it on farm, so it was time to take it up a notch. And so we ended up on Gruul's doorstep, 25 Samsarans strong.

Man, what a night! After buffing everyone up (PallyPower makes it so much easier with 25 people to buff, and 4 pallies to divide the blessings amongst) we headed for the trash mobs. Surprisingly, the trash mobs went down without any problems, and we were already glad about that. Maulgar and his gang next. After going over the tactics, we spread out and initiated the fight. We got Blindeye the Seer down surprisingly fast, and soon Olm the Summoner went down as well. At that point we lost a tank though, cutting a mob loose (don't know which one, it was kinda hectic) and going rampage. Wipe 1. We went in again for the second and third tries, but someone pulled Maulgar too soon both times, ensuing utter chaos. The fourth try started smoothly again, and again the Blindeye went down fast, closely followed by Olm again. We were onto High King Maulgar himself in no time, and before the raid leader could say "Phase 2 coming up" the High King was dead on the ground! Two pally shoulder tokens dropped, nothing else interesting for paladins. With 4 paladins in the raid, plus a few shamans and a rogue, my chances were quite small to get one of the tokens. And indeed, I rolled 37 against a 87 and 72. Too bad!

After a quick break we went on to the big man himself. The trash up to Gruul was taken care of in sheer elegance. Perfect teamwork there. And then Gruul! After going over the tactics again, we ran in for the showdown. Here goes nothing! It was quite hectic, people running all over the place, trying to stay out of range of others as much as possible. Around 60% I got one-shotted by a Shatter (at full health!), and I was lying dead on the floor. A mage fell soon after, and I told the healers to battle rez the mage instead of me. Slowly but surely Gruul's health bar went down, and a few more people fell. And then it happened: with around 20 people still standing, Gruul bit the dust! A one-shotter!! We couldn't believe it, and the Vent channel went berserk with cheers. After a rez I got a look at the loot. Yet two more pally tokens, legs this time. It sure was a paladin friendly night! The people who got T4 shoulder tokens at Maulgar couldn't roll again for the legs, making the odds a bit more favorable. A well placed roll of 68 made me the highest roller for one of the tokens, our other Ret paladin got the other one. Justicar Greaves for me, baby! Whoohooo!

It was Samsara's first night EVER in Gruul's Lair. Most of us had never even seen it from the inside yet, let alone kill its inhabitants. And here we are now. After our first night, we cleared Gruul's Lair, one-shotting its master in the process. I'm not saying that we've put Gruul's Lair on farm after our first night, but it certainly looks promising!

Maggy, you've been warned. You're next!

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